Budget Myths


One of the main reasons that make people apprehensive about contacting interior designers is budgets, indeed I will be bold enough to say the fear of budgets and fees.


It is helpful to know the budget a client has to spend, but often that question results in a sense of cynicism around related fees especially when clients have no prior knowledge of how I work.  Infact, most of my clients come to me with limited idea of how much they wish to spend and have no previous experience of interior design services.


Let’s dispel the budget myths:


  • If you do not know what your budget is, do not worry. I work to get an understanding of the needs of every client and throughout  this process, I then design a concept and cost it up for the client. 
  • During design concept phase, clients always have the option to remove suggested items
  • Initial design concepts can be adapted to meet budget constraints 
  • I use an array of suppliers including trade, high end, high street and budget
  • Some of the most unusual one off items can be found at a bargain price from suppliers such as TK Maxx
  • I price my fees on how much work I feel will be involved in a project. To date, I often get this wrong meaning I do much more work than I charge for, which benefits my clients
  • When I source items, believe me when I say I shop around for the supplier who sells the item at the best price
  • Regardless of budget – the wow factor can always be created, this is done by my selecting the ‘right’ items to spend the money on – this may be a wall covering, a piece of furniture or even styling items


The moral of the story, fear not the cost of interior design. For my fee, here is a round up of the added value I can bring:


  • Simplify the decision making process for you by providing sample mood trays
  • No need to be overwhelmed by choices, I narrow down selections for you
  • I provide the solutions
  • I look at your space in a way that you may not have thought about
  • When concepts are agreed, I source every item to provide you with a shopping list to bring your design to life
  • For some clients, I even do their shopping

I am a firm believer that the best value is gained by letting the experts do their job, allowing you the time to get on with your own job, your daily routine and my approach allows excitement to build as your designs come to life within your space.


Holiday Rental Design

Providing full design-led itemised shopping lists tailored to the style of your holiday rental/Airbnb accommodation.  Meeting your budget requirements, we will guide you on all aspects of the interior design to meet the needs of a high traffic holiday rental.  

Style to Sell

Home staging is an integral part of selling any home. By allowing us to stage your property, you will allow buyers the opportunity to view your home at its full potential. What’s more, we will aim to maximise your return on your selling price. We stage each property to ensure we create a space that is aspirational to potential buyers and each property is staged to suit your budget.

Interior Styling & Design

The best design evokes an emotional response. We work with you rather than for you by getting to know:

• What inspires you
• What your preferences are
• What personal items/accessories you have that you love

We then use our knowledge to best create a space that is not only luxurious but efficient for the needs of your brief. Your personalised concept will include mood boards/trays with interior style, colour palette, furnishings, floorings and other finishing touches. This service can be adapted to meet your needs, whether for one room, a full property or commercial space.

& Design

We can guide you through the process of interior design from the comfort of your own home. This service is flexible and timely whilst remaining contactless. We can lead you in choosing the perfect colour scheme and textures for your space. We work with your personal preference and your budget, we know that an opulent interior can be done without excessive spending. Your personalised concept will include your overall interior style, colour palette, furnishings, flooring and other finishing touches. 

This service can be delivered via phone, Zoom, What’s App, Facetime, Teams or email with photos.

Storybook Package

We will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your values are reflected in your space. Package includes:

• Initial 1 hour Zoom Consultation
• Digital Inspiration Board
• Digital Mood Board
• Shopping List
• Direct Delivered Samples