2021 – The Year of Staycations


The interesting times continue. With may travellers in the UK gearing up to stay local rather than travelling abroad, many people are considering investing in the holiday rental market. According to Landlord Today, hosting a room on Airbnb for just 52 nights generates more revenue compared to the average permanent property rental income.

Many owners of holiday properties own other businesses or work full-time, so it can be a challenging balance finding the time to create the perfect holiday rental space.

Here are our top design tips for new holiday rentals and Airbnb owners:

  • First impressions are the only impressions!! From the moment a potential guest views your property virtually, what does it say to them? You must consider this.
  • Style your property to suit many tastes, considering a neutral palette, especially if you have limited experience in this area. You want photographs of your property to appeal to as many guests as possible.
  • If you get it right, you will have high people traffic in your space, so consider this when choosing flooring options – we do love to use tiles (low maintenance, easy to clean). Stained carpets are an absolute no, so considering stain-resistance if using carpeted flooring as accidents will happen.
  • The use of rugs can be inexpensive and can also be changed to keep your design looking fresh.
  • Location, location, location – if you are city centre, you may not want to overpopulate your space with Highland cow art work. Can you use a discreet design theme based on your surroundings?
  • Walls… our top tip is to pay a little more for your paint, we love Dulux Diamond paints which can literally be scrubbed. Nobody wants to visit a place where the walls are covered in fingerprints or scuffs.
  • Similarly, to when selling a home, try not to over populate the space with personal items or too many items that are only about your taste.
  • Budgets do not need to be expensive and spaces can be designed beautifully by using key accent furniture pieces, lighting or prints.
  • Beds… make them look as welcoming as possible, creating depth with cushions and throws. White linen gives a similar feel that guests would get staying at a hotel, we always recommend white.
  • Photography for your property is critical – it is worth every penny to commission a local photographer to take high quality images that can be used on social channels and booking sites.

If you are that busy person who is embarking on your first holiday rental property, or indeed you have tried and your offering needs improved, we have holiday rental solutions for you. We can design your holiday rental space for you. We have experience in this industry and can ensure quality of furnishings to withstand high occupancy guest visits. We know all about creating the WOW factor your guests will love when they view your property online and as they walk through your front door. Making life easier for you, we will provide a full design-led itemised shopping list which will be tailored to the style of your holiday rental and your budget requirements. 

 For more information email us hello@www.devlininterior.design.


Holiday Rental Design

Providing full design-led itemised shopping lists tailored to the style of your holiday rental/Airbnb accommodation.  Meeting your budget requirements, we will guide you on all aspects of the interior design to meet the needs of a high traffic holiday rental.  

Style to Sell

Home staging is an integral part of selling any home. By allowing us to stage your property, you will allow buyers the opportunity to view your home at its full potential. What’s more, we will aim to maximise your return on your selling price. We stage each property to ensure we create a space that is aspirational to potential buyers and each property is staged to suit your budget.

Interior Styling & Design

The best design evokes an emotional response. We work with you rather than for you by getting to know:

• What inspires you
• What your preferences are
• What personal items/accessories you have that you love

We then use our knowledge to best create a space that is not only luxurious but efficient for the needs of your brief. Your personalised concept will include mood boards/trays with interior style, colour palette, furnishings, floorings and other finishing touches. This service can be adapted to meet your needs, whether for one room, a full property or commercial space.

& Design

We can guide you through the process of interior design from the comfort of your own home. This service is flexible and timely whilst remaining contactless. We can lead you in choosing the perfect colour scheme and textures for your space. We work with your personal preference and your budget, we know that an opulent interior can be done without excessive spending. Your personalised concept will include your overall interior style, colour palette, furnishings, flooring and other finishing touches. 

This service can be delivered via phone, Zoom, What’s App, Facetime, Teams or email with photos.

Storybook Package

We will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your values are reflected in your space. Package includes:

• Initial 1 hour Zoom Consultation
• Digital Inspiration Board
• Digital Mood Board
• Shopping List
• Direct Delivered Samples